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Kinesiology and Athletic Tapes

There are several brands of KT & kinesio tapes, however not every brand comes in pre-cut patterns made for specific body areas. 

KT is one of our favorite tapes, it's performance, durability, & comfort are tops. Unfortunately it does not come in pre-cuts yet. We are not sure if there will be KT pre-cuts in the future. 

The brands that do are Kinesio Tex Tape & Spider Tape.

Peak performance is what we do here, so all of the products we carry are tops.

Kinesio Tex & Spider come in pre-cuts & are both great tapes. May we suggest snagging a few pre-cuts & practicing with the patterns? Once you have a handle on the cuts & placement techniques, you can use scissors to cut the same patterns out of your favorite brand. 

We carry several brands of kinesiology tape. Each product has detailed descriptions so you can understand them better.

Definitely check em out.

Variances from brand to brand include color patterns & designs, slight differences in adhesives and materials used, as well as durability & wear comfort. Some of us experience sensitivities to materials or find certain brands uncomfortable, so finding the right fit for you can sometimes be an experimental process.

Don't get discouraged though! Taping is way fun & the benefits are incredible.