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Yoga Wrist Supports

Tiger Paw Wrist Supports for Yoga?

yoga-tp-but.jpgAs someone who has done a little Yoga in the past, I was surprised when Mike over at US Glove told me that people had started buying Tiger Paw wrist supports for use during Yoga practice. After all, most of the Yoga poses I could think of required the wrist to be bent in some way or another. How in the world can a person do the poses with their wrist locked in a straight position with a wrist support I asked myself??

My problem was that I didn't fully understand all the different ways a wrist support can be used! Our customers who were buying Tiger Paws for Yoga weren't adjusting the stiffness so firm that they couldn't bend their wrists. They were softening up the Tiger Paw so it would flex some, allowing the wrist to still bend, while at the same time taking SOME of the pressure off of the wrist. This prevents their wrist from becoming sore, and at the same time allows them to do their poses longer, thereby strengthening their wrists as well! For a great demonstration, watch this video

I'll bet they don't mind that Tiger Paws come in 9 great colors either!