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Tiger Paw Inserts

Tiger Paw Foam and Plastic Inserts

Tiger Paws getting a little soft? These inserts will make your Tiger Paws feel like new again. The foam inserts in your Tiger Paws were designed to be replaced so you can continue to get solid, stable support from your Tiger Paws. Although we use the hghest quality foam we can buy, foam inserts generally need to be replaced after 30-45 hours of use. For active users this means about every month or so!

Plastic inserts also wear out and break. Typical users will get 3-4 months of use from a set of plastic inserts.  So have spares of both types of inserts handy and your Paws will keep performing. Please order replacement inserts in the same size as your current pair of Tiger Paws. Sold in pairs.

tp-foam-but.jpg tp-plastic-but.jpg